IlFattoQuotidiano Blog

IlFattoQuotidiano is one of the most well-known Italian daily news. Time by time I write for the London blogs

It’s the first Italian beauty and wellness platform. I have devised the official blog


It’s an Australian furniture e-commerce platform Sydney-based. I devised and wrote for the blog

It’s the most innovative web magazine of Latina, one of the most popular area of center Italy. I write articles about Italian topics in the Uk, like cultural and economics events, and interviews.

It’s the biggest Italian Web Magazine based in London. I write articles about Italian and English topics in UK like interviews, premieres, festivals, exhibitions and feature articles.

I’m the social media manager of Juice Tonic. It’s a new chain in London about healthy food & beverage. I write articles for the official web site, and I also write post on the official social profiles.

In Uk eating Italian is more and more cool!

Feature articles commissioned by IP Magazine about the food & beverage export market from Italy to UK. It has been improving since 2012, and it’s currently worth around 3 billion of €.

For IpMagazine, an Italian monthly business magazine, I usually write feature articles for the official web site

Start-Ups and Investors: a match for the Future

Feature articles commissioned by IP Magazine about a match between Italian Start-Ups and English Investors in London

It’s a news website. I worked since foundation, in 2001

It’s Radioluna website. I worked for the news section

New cameras on street

New series of cameras checks the car’s velocity

Pontinia, the death road

Pontinia is an highway with the higher number of accidents

The first solar energy farms

First solar energy farms project

She announces the suicide on web

A desperate woman announces the suicide on Internet

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