Fairytale, the new cinema in 3T

Fairytale is a motion picture, the first italian film completely made with computer visual effects

Bit 2011 (Milan)

Bit is Italy’s leaving travel exhibition. The most important event in the world is in Milan. Live for ExtraTv.

Dacia Maraini and the earthquake in Japan

Interview with italian writer Dacia Maraini about the earthquake in Japan. She lived with her family in the city of Kobe when she was a child.

Vinitaly 2011 (Verona)

Live from Vinitaly, the most important event in the world about wines and liquors.

Moon and Mars closer

A tour inside Aero Sekur, a factory in Rome that makes space projects

Car safety

Driving safely on board not only supercars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche), but also on popular cars. We were at a racetrack to discover the secrets of safe driving, with instructor pilots.

Sgarbi, women and me

Interview with italian art critical Vittorio Sgarbi about women in the art.

War game

War game

Category: Insights, Videos

I enjoyed a Sunday morning with a group of seasoned soft air players. This video is the result!

Amici miei

Amici miei is a famous Italian film of the Seventies. This “special”  is a making of: Interviews with director and the actors Neri Parenti, Michele Placido, Christian De Sica, Giorgio Panariello, Massimo Ghini, Paolo Hendel, Alessandro Benvenuti.

Giulio Tremonti

Giulio Tremonti was Italy’s Finance Minister. We speak about his new book

Giorgio Albertazzi

Giorgio Albertazzi is an important Italian actor. This is an interview about his new comedy on Puccini

Inside Cinecittà

A tour inside Cinecittà, the famous tv & cinema studios in Rome

Nuclear power plant: yes or no?

Discussing Italy’s nuclear policy. Interviews to the people.

The nano world of Ennio Tasciotti

Ennio Tasciotti is a nanotechnology specialist at the Houston Health Science Center.

Decisyon from Italy to conquer the world

Decisyon is an important IT company.

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