Fairytale, the new cinema in 3T

Fairytale is a motion picture, the first italian film completely made with computer visual effects

Moon and Mars closer

A tour inside Aero Sekur, a factory in Rome that makes space projects

Car safety

Driving safely on board not only supercars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche), but also on popular cars. We were at a racetrack to discover the secrets of safe driving, with instructor pilots.

War game

War game

Category: Insights, Videos

I enjoyed a Sunday morning with a group of seasoned soft air players. This video is the result!

Inside Cinecittà

A tour inside Cinecittà, the famous tv & cinema studios in Rome

Decisyon from Italy to conquer the world

Decisyon is an important IT company.


In Latina, a little town near Rome, there is an impressive concentration of nightclubs and pubs in a few square meters. The name of this area is  “Neverland”.  A tour daytime … and night time!

The new drugs

Cocaine, marijuana, Lsd and, now, the new drugs: for the internet, mobile phone, social media and online poker, slot machines and other games. Inside “The new drugs” with medical and psycologist expert.