How magazine publishers are finding success in online video
apr 2013 14

A number of magazine publishers have become media companies, having shifted from producing monthly print titles to daily videos. Several are making significant revenue from YouTube in addition to the money they bring in through online video plays on their own sites. In this feature we look at how four publishers – Dennis Publishing, Future, IPC and Vice – have moved beyond magazines and are now producing videos for their existing audiences and to attract new ones.

Huffington Post launches Japanese edition
mag 2013 08

The Huffington Post has continued to expand into new territories by launching a Japanese edition in partnership with daily newspaper Asahi Shimbun – the second largest in the country. With a daily print readership of more than 7 million, Asahi Shimbun hopes to combine such leverage with the Huffington Post’s brand and model to take advantage of a time when some of the Japanese public are said to have “lost faith” in traditional media.