ShakeChat from London LeWeb 2013: making new friends simply shaking your smartphone
giu 2013 06

LONDON – “Hey dude, who is the guy sitting over there?” “I don’t know! Shake your phone!”. A little more time and it will be a new way to make new friends. That’s a Corso12’s idea, an italian startup, today at London since it has been chosen as one of the finalists among 350 startups

3… 2…1… Smile and take your selfie pic!
giu 2013 20

LONDON – If there had been a mobile phone during several historical moments, what would the photos have been? Since it’s impossible to travel in time, that’s a question that has been answered by famous advertising agency “Lowe Cape Town” based in South Africa. And the results are the “selfie” pictures you can watch in this post.