It’s Time To Change Our Idea About Wearable Technology
feb 2019 22

LONDON – When we thought about wearable technology, we couldn’t imagine a toothbrush. Instead now we should change our idea about what is possible to wearable and to link to World by Internet. Not only glasses or watches, not only jackets and shoes and gloves but also a simple toothbrush. And obviously via Bluetooth.

The Must Connected Guy In The World
mar 2019 29

LONDON – Do you think you’re the most connect person in the world? Just because you spend the day on social networks, surfing in front of a display, either because you wear a pair of Google glass or upload from time to time your Gopro video on YT? If you think that because you do that every day, you won’t be anything compare to Chris Dancy who describes himself “the most connected guy in the world”.