Twitter’s Music Site Is Up, And It’s — Wait, You Can’t Use It Yet
apr 2013 13

As we wait for the Twitter’s music app to be launched, the company has put up a site at and gives you the chance to sign in. Some reports are calling for a launch today, but then updated to say that the weekend was the target, to tie-in with Coachella. We’ll be watching. The site itself? It just loops you back to the same page, so nothing is going on there as of yet. This will most likely be the landing page for the app, however. It’s not known if there will be a web component to the app, but it would make complete sense, at least a mobile web version anyways.

As we know, only “cool” people like Ryan Seacrest are able access the app, as the company is clearly placing it with celebrities who can help out on an orchestrated launch. (from