To dunk or not to dunk! The successful of an ADV campaign
giu 2013 14

LONDON – To dunk or not to dunk! That’s the successful slogan of an advertising campaign getting millions of likes on Facebook. It’s the Oreo’s advertising campaign. If the famous biscuit brand wanted to have the same success with a traditional advertising campaign, they would have to spend millions of dollars; almost one dollar per one Facebook like. Instead, with a simple but well-thought out slogan and using the most popular social networks, now Oreo has almost 34 million fans on Facebook, and loyal fans at that.

Oreo is just one example of what is happening nowadays on the web, and in particular on Facebook. Oreo, like Coca-Cola, Nutella and other famous food & drink brands, are using social networks for a great advantage, but with a minimal investment. But if this way to success is so simple, why aren’t all companies using it?alessandro-allocca-oreo-fanspage

It is because Facebook and social networks in general are not always the perfect places to make a successful advertising campaign, say internet analysts.. Each company needs their campaign but doesn’t necessarily need their social network. This is partly because social networks are not like TV, radio or magazine where the audience cannot interact. On social networks, and especially Facebook, the audience is active and that is not always the best for the company. There’s a big difference if you are a petrol company or a yummy biscuit company. Therein lies the issue: what does it mean to have a “Likeable” brand?

“It means that you are a brand that is well-liked by your users” – wrote Dave Kerpen in his book “Likeable”- “Ways that this trust is built up can be though a number of ways including, but not reserved to, engaging your audience with relevant updates and news, listening to them and taking their input or recommendations/concerns, connecting with them through all of the above, providing a service and giving excellent customer to consumer relations”.

Oreo is a perfect example: “They’ralessandro-allocca-homepage-nutellae encouraging people to share their opinions” – wrote the internet analyst Dave Kerpen – “not just telling them to like Oreo’s online content-yet, almost 34 milion people have liked the company on facebook”.

Yes! Perfect! But the question is still the same: do you dunk or not dunk? (A.A.)

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