Music 24/7 For A World Closed Between Two Earphones
ago 2013 13

LONDON – If iTunes was ground-breaking for digital music, now there are several competitors who have been following the same way. But, in a few cases, they are pushing beyond. Spotify, for example, was the first app to offer music without having to download anything, just on-demand via mobile or Wi-Fi network. In a few months it became a planetary trend. The same way is followed by Rdio and now Google Play All Access. The offer is the same as that of the other competitors, but in this case behind the project there’s the “Big G”, one of the most important and influential IT companies in the world.

And if Big G has decided to release an app as “All Access”, there would be a reason. But the question is different: what is the future of music? And above all, how will people continue to listen music? Will a world be where people close themselves between two earphones? The core business is to increase the fidelity ofalessandro-allocca-google-play the consumers. Offering unlimited music 24/7 for a fraction of the price of traditional media.

That’s the brilliant idea behind these apps. That’s the reason because it’s was a piece of cake to capture million of customers around the world. Millions of customers who now have an opportunity to listen to their lovely music when they want. With the risk, maybe, that they shut themselves away much more than last years, when the people have been become used to Social networks, tablets and smart phones, which alienate themselves from the rest of the society. That’s our future, for sure follow through with an amazing soundtrack but without other people. Just you and your  on-demand world. (A.A.)

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