The Must Connected Guy In The World
mar 2019 29

LONDON – Do you think you’re the most connect person in the world? Just because you spend the day on social networks, surfing in front of a display, either because you wear a pair of Google glass or upload from time to time your Gopro video on YT?  If you think that because you do that every day, you won’t be anything compare to Chris Dancy who  describes himself “the most connected guy in the world”.

alessandro-allocca-the-most-connect-guy-in-the-world-1So far the 45 y.o. has been  wearing between 300 and 700 different devices from the classic mobile phones to ultimate life – logging systems, and obviously a pair of Google Glass. Even his dogs are tracked; a product called Tagg logs their daily activities The Colorado man’s project wants to understand what actually people need in near future to avoid the risk to feel themselves “alone in a mountain”.

Waiting for the final result of his research, a doubt comes out: is his experiment so far away from our current life?  “Everyone wants to know if they will be like me in the future, but everyone is already like me; they just don’t think about it like that,” Chris Dancy said in a interview for “Your phone is already collecting information about you and your life. If you use a credit card or a car GPS system, you’re already being tracked. But that’s Big Brother. When you take control of it yourself, that’s Big Mother, and that relationship is nurturing, kind and not controlling”. (A.A.)