In London The New European Google Headquarters
set 2013 10

LONDON – Great news comes from Big G. Google’s just received the planning permission to build its new European Headquarters at King’s Cross, one of the most important London tube station.

Glastonbury For Geek: Ten Thousand Developers At London World Campus Party
set 2013 06

LONDON – The biggest electronic entertainment event in the world is going at The 02 Arena: it’s the London World Campus Party, known as the “Glastonbury For Geek”, like the festival of contemporary performing Arts (dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and other) that takes place near Pilton, Somerset, England.

A Perfect System Like Four Perfect Chocolate Fingers: welcome KitKat Android
set 2013 04

LONDON – Google has confirmed that the next version of Android will be called KitKat. KitKat like the trademarked name of the chocolate candy bar made by Nestle.

Music 24/7 For A World Closed Between Two Earphones
ago 2013 13

Google Play Music All Access, Spotify, iTunes Radio and Rdio: if we want to think about the future of the music, it is almost certainly going to be on-demand. Nowadays, more than during last years, there are many ways to listen music on-demand.

ago 2013 05

LONDON – What if we become the device of ourselves? In sci-fi movies it’s very common to watch the characters touch their body to send signals to the central computer: A touch of a finger on an arm to control the robot, a touch of the thumb on the other arm to switch on the monitor in the laboratory or a hand on the other hand fluctuating together in the air to pilot a space ship. Yes, we know, that’s only fantasy.

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